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Friday, Saturday, Sunday

ShoulderI had nothing to do this weekend, so I stayed home, which means I did not really wear clothes. Yoga pants, long undies, slipper socks. We did walk over to the Pierogi Wagon on Saturday, which was delicious, but I just threw on the NYDJ black jeans and a wool hoodie under my coat.

On Friday, I adjusted the shoulder on the Simplicity 7673; then cut (but did not stitch) the new muslin. I had to dig around in my sewing room to find my French curve and to find my stash of Swedish tracing paper scraps to fill in the splits in the pattern.

While I was finding things, I also unearthed three nearly finished tops (two sleeveless cowl tops and the top of the Cloister dress, cut in a really beautiful raisin-colored wool gabardine), a nearly finished fleece wrap skirt (based off a Nau skirt that never really flattered me but was easy to duplicate), an unhemmed, without facings Vogue 1314 (which is sort of a mess); an Ibex dress which needs a small repair (I ripped it, removing the kangaroo pocket); and a wool skirt without a zipper or hem that I made in 1995.

I also ironed the Colette Dahlia, so I could trace it. But, man, is the pattern a bitch to read:




The pattern is sized 0 to 26 on a single sheet, which means that in many places, you literally cannot follow a single line through the overlap of all the cutting lines. It’s maddening. I’m not quite conversant enough in the language of patterns to know what the finished line should look like, so when I can’t pick out the correct line from the jumble, I’m just guessing at a vague shape.

ColetteMess4This may be the last Colette pattern I purchase because the lack of differentiation in the lines makes them basically unusable. Multi-size patterns which break between the two sizes you need are impossibly annoying, but multi-size patterns that contain all sizes on one and can’t be read are no better.

I traced the Dahlia on Saturday, giving it the best effort I could. I went back and forth between two different sizes, settling on the larger one. I thought about grading between one size on top and another on the bottom, but the straight size for the Crepe dress fit really well, so I went with a single size. I have enough muslin to check the fit, but I did not cut the fabric.

On Sunday, I finished the Cloister top and nearly finished one of the cowl tops. I also decided to abandon the wool skirt (it’s very short and I’m not sure I’d wear it) and the V1314–I never got the ruching right and it just does not fit right.

It felt really productive, though it does not sound productive written down.


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