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Monday Is and Monday Does

Foolishly, I took the Lakefront this morning–so I could see the damage firsthand. Fortuitously, the City had paved the ice bypasses earlier this month and had managed to remove a lot of the destroyed asphalt over the weekend. But huge swaths of the Lakefront were covered in displaced sand too deep to ride through and there was a long stretch of cracked asphalt where the slabs had only been shifted a little and were still in place, making for a rough ride.

I should have gone through the park and I may on my way home–except (thanks to Daylight Savings) it will be dark and the LFT has lighting.

In clothing news, I’m wearing the NYDJ grey pants and the Halogen merino sweatshirt.

TrouveCoatedSweaterI also bought a few things from Nordstrom with an old gift card that I’m really looking forward to: Trouvé coated cable knit sweater and faux leather tuxedo tights.

Wouldn’t that sweater be awesome with this Donna Karan skirt? Maybe I should find some metallic fabric and make a nice skirt



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