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What I wear, when I wear it, and how it works on my bike

Monday, No Wind

It was an easy ride, which has not been typical lately (not that it’s ever hard; just sometimes sluggish). I’ll chalk it up to wind and move on. The fenders on Linus are rattling something fierce and I really need to take care of that.

I wore the Misook pencil skirt with a grey Marc Jacobs sweater with black piping. Although the striped tights don’t really match the grey, I wore them with the Malibrans.

I have a small list of clothing that needs replacing because it’s looking too worn to be wholly professional: my wool shawl collar cardigan, my black handbag, my jersey blazer. I have a small list of things I keep reaching for in my closet, only to find I have not owned in years: my layering tank dress, my side zip black pants. I have a small list of things I’ve seen in stores that I wish I had.



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