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Weekend, Out of Town

We went to Texas for a wedding. It was hot. Yes, I complained, but I tried not to.

On the plane, I wore the Icebreaker drawstring skirt with tights and a short sleeve Icebreaker grey t-shirt. At home, I had the Uniqlo navy crewneck sweater on; once I got there, I did not.

I changed into walliscropthe Wallis polka dot dress for the rehearsal dinner (with the red ballet flats) and then on Saturday during the hanging-out-doing-nothing portion of the day, I wore the Land’s End sundress with the keyhole neck.

For the wedding itself, I wore the Betsey Johnson floral dress and my red Fluevog Miracles Cana shoes again with some fake flowers in my hair. The wedding was at a ranch, dressed up to look like a small town, and we had much fun.


I repeated my clothes to fly home.



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