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Thursday, Just Tired

It’s grey, but there is not supposed to be rain until early evening. Linus seems rattly and clanky and certainly needs some maintenance and all I wanted today was to stay in bed. There was sun and there were puppies all over the beach, but there was also a cab that ran a stop sign while I was in the middle of the intersection and a cyclist who passed too closely without warning me he was there and campus maintenance who keep putting really heavy trash cans too close to the bike rack and a million other unhappy things.

Nonetheless, I think I look cute today: the REI dress over an Icebreaker long-sleeved t-shirt, tights and the Malibrans. Today is a day I wish I tried harder to get actual photos of my actual outfits here, rather than just a text record for the hypothetical day I wrangle my wardrobe into shape.

In I-haven’t-been-sewing-in-months news, I bowed to internet madness and bought Collette’s new pattern. It’s very similar to Vogue Easy Options 8685, which I have made and never worn. For that reason alone, it was foolish to buy it. The differences are small: the Collette pattern has a single piece at the waist, where the Vogue has two pieces to the waist yoke. The Collette pattern puts the zipper at the side (which I love and can do on my own without help). Collette offers a gored skirt, instead of a full skirt, and a sleeveless option, but otherwise: very very similar patterns. Collette recommends wovens of various weights, while Vogue specifies moderate stretch knits only. Maybe the wovens will work out better than the knit did.

Vogue Easy Options 8685 and Collette Dahlia

McCall8273silkThe Collette pattern was a silly purchase, ultimately, because I have the pattern already and have made it, if I did make a few mistakes doing it. On the other hand, commercial patterns are sized differently and it’s possible the Collette will fit better out-of-the-box, which would be lovely. My sister handed off some old sheets for muslin/toiling, so if I can ever get a free weekend, I’m ready to go.

It’s possible I have enough of the Vietnamese silk to make the sleeveless Dahlia, which would be wonderful, as I did not go forward with making the blouse. I’m not fond of sleeveless, but I am fond of this silk. I could do the waist and sleeves with one of the silks I bought to go with it. I don’t know how I feel about color-blocking, but with the right dark green, perhaps it would be lovely? The chartreuse would probably be wrong.






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