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Wednesday, At Home

bousleepsSpent the day working from home, in yoga pants, with a lap cat and Zoe Keating on the musicbox. It was drizzling outside and cozy inside.

I read through the instructions for the reproduction pattern for hats and was amused at the hubris. Then I ordered some fabric from Vogue Fabrics: a polyester for Simplicity 6658 and a corduroy for Simplicity 7673. Of course, I have a habit of buying a fabric for a thing and then using it for a different thing, so who knows what will happen. But this is the plan.

It may be a while before I sew anything, though. There are some major household chores this weekend (including work on the pantry, finally putting my closet back in order after the great not-entirely-successful moth-kill, painting, accounting), then next weekend is a wedding, then there is a party the next weekend, then a houseguest! I really want to make a quick and dirty fascinator for the party (which is not really a Halloween party, but coincides) and I have everything I need. I could probably do it in an afternoon, if I don’t worry too much about perfection or longevity of construction.



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