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Saturday & Sunday, Unsatisfyingly Productive

I finally painted the part of the sewing room where the drywall was ripped up when the tables and cabinet were installed. I also cleaned all the surfaces. I also patched, primed and taped the wall in the guest bedroom that needs repainting.

We live in a house built in the 19th century and winter is cold. So a few years ago, we had additional insulation blown into the exterior walls which helped considerably. It also created holes, every four inches in a regular grid pattern on all the exterior walls. They’ve all been patched (and, thankfully, the lathe & plaster was long ago replaced with drywall in this old building), but we’ve only bothered to re-paint the bedroom, the basement and the living room (the sewing room was also re-painted, but unlike all the other rooms, it was not freshly painted when we first moved in, knowing that it would be the first room renovated). You have to make sure the patches are sufficient to fill the holes, then sand them, then repatch if you over-sand, then prime them, then paint the entire wall. It’s tedious and we’ve been slow to do it, preferring to live with the patch spots over doing a slapdash job with the painting.

Simplicity 7673, copyright 1968

Simplicity 7673, copyright 1968

We ran some errands, did other boring chores, slept in. I hemmed a pair of pants and repaired a pair of leggings. I really wanted to stitch together the new (post FBA!) toile for the Simplicity 7673 but felt too tired. I’m sad to discover that I don’t have enough of either red wool to make the this dress.

I want to finish the 7673 before starting the next thing., except I don’t know what fabric to use for the 7673. The envelope recommends just about everything: cottons, pique, silks, linens, synthetics, crepe, sateen, moire, wool, doubleknit, jersey and textured knits. My spreadsheet lists three crepes in the wine/burgundy family and one in a rust color with enough yardage, as well a sateen (described as “cream” in my spreadsheet and which calls to mind nothing at all, so it’s either a mistake in the sheet or something that might work). Unfortunately, none of the wools have enough yardage, nor does the Vietnamese silk. There is a dupioni of unknown content, but that’s not a suggestion.

Stymied in the next steps with the 7673, I picked up some patterns in the Vogue $5.99 sale and what purports to be an amazing Italian jersey fabric. I also added a bunch of patterns to my spreadsheet and internet window shopped lots of fabrics.

Advance9961I’d like to use the jersey for the Advance 9961 but I’ll have to lengthen the skirt to make it wearable as a dress. I’d also really like to make up the Butterick 7896, hooded blouse. I think I’d like to try to make just the bodice of the Cloister dress, both from the left-over gabardine as I thought about months ago and from the silk. The silk might not work, though, as there is no stretch in it. I think the only hope for the silk is a blouse, but I’m really picky about blouses–hating pretty much all of them.

Maybe next weekend I’ll have time to sew.



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