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Wednesday, More Veterinary Adventures

We took the muppet cat to his specialist vet again to learn how to give him his regular injections. It was a little more harrowing than I anticipated but also every bit as easy as the vet tech assured us it would be. We hope he’s going to just be fine now and I’m quite thankful we can afford to this for the muppet. Between that and my morning physical therapy, it was a pretty tiring day, but I still managed to do a full 8-hour day of work.

chuckI wore my polka dot leggings and the Icebreaker circle skirt with a long sleeved t-shirt. Also my converse high tops.

Linus seems to be acting up when I shift (tires were definitely low and the Walnut Studiolo accoutrements need adjusting. Sigh) and the PT thinks I probably need a bike fit to alleviate some of my issues.

At the end of the day, I spent a lot of time thinking about stuff I’d like to be sewing. Things I wish I could sew. Things I totally want and could sew but would probably not suit me, once made. Things I could easily sew, but I have not finished any single dress in months. But there are a lot of chores to do first, and the muslin to re-test, and I decided to chop off the bodice from the one failed dress and make it a pencil skirt. . . .


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