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Tuesday, Basics

Linus and I rode through the waves this morning because the Lake was washing over the path. The Lake is behaving like it’s winter, though the weather is still warmish and bright. Last night was a rough ride home because of the wind.

It drizzled very slightly this morning, so I rode in wearing the (wonderful and no longer made) Nau Versa blazer and an undershirt. At work, I put on the Uniqlo merino crewneck swearer in Navy that I just bought. It’s very soft–both the sleeve and the body length are good–but  Uniqlo is pretty much cut for adolescents–I had to go up two sizes from my usual American retailer size. Since the fit is good, I don’t really care about size on the label, but I think it’s unlikely I’ll put much of their offerings into my wardrobe because I don’t think much other than a simple crewneck is likely to fit me.

Knit pencil skirt from the Gap.

Knit pencil skirt from the Gap.

I rode in wearing the Icebreaker knickers, because it was also drizzling, and then changed into a tube skirt from the Gap. I could have ridden in the skirt (I would have had to hike it to mid thigh and been glad for opaque tights), but I did not. If I could find a ready supply of knit fabric with this much substance, I would make a dozen skirts just like this. It’s like wearing pyjamas, but looking professional.

Got three new vintage patterns in the mail:

Advance 9961, a skating dress from the 1950s. Once again, I wish I had a good source for decent weight knits–I really wish I had some good ponte or a lovely jersey to play with, but I’ve had bad luck with online sources and while you’d think we’d have good fabric stores around here, I have not found them

Simplicity 6171 from 1965 is, again, a pattern I bought primarily for the sleeve because it’s just a simple one piece dress with darts for shaping that I have several versions of. However, that sleeve ruffle looks superfun (the lace is detachable!)

I suspect I bought Simplicity 9058 without thinking because Butterick 4740 and
Anne Adams 4821 are essentially the same dress. The pattern envelope is not terribly interesting, either, so I am seriously questioning why I bought it.



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