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Friday, Too Darn Hot

Rode Linus to the sporting goods store to get dumbbells for my at-home PT, to the Home Depot for moth control, to the Trader Joes for Greek yogurt and random foodstuffs. I was dressed too warmly for the weather in fleece leggings, the pink Ibex skirt and the Nau top from yesterday.

Basil PanniersMy panniers were a conversation starter for many people I saw while I was out and about. They work really well as grocery bags and clip over the U-lock holster without too much issue–dual panniers for the win!

Later we had cocktail hour at my sisters–I changed into the blue modal circle skirt I made a few weekends ago (although I still have not finished the hem) and a grey cotton t-shirt.

I feel the need to reiterate: life is really good.


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