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Tuesday, Finally in PT

I finally start my physical therapy for insidious lateral epicondylitis–basically tennis elbow in people who don’t play tennis. It’s not exactly painful and not really debilitating (although pain when using my handbrake is the reason I actually went to the doctor instead of continuing to ignore it), but it’s starting to wear me down with the constant discomfort. Chronic pain or discomfort is such a bear.

Today, I am dressed like a low budget television SciFi cop: the ponte knit jeans in black, the Icebreaker Atlas tank in black, and one of my leather sweaters (a lot like this one from Ann Taylor, but I’ve had it since the mid-90s). I’ve got the short boots on.

Butterick7896LineI also have a new pattern on the way: Butterick 7896, which is not in the vintage wikia unfortunately. It’s separates: a hooded, below elbow-sleeved blouse (designed for jerseys) and a skirt with unpressed or pressed pleats.¬† The blouse can be made in wovens with a straight neckline or a cowl. The sleeves are cut in one, which avoids the damn I-can’t-lift-my-arms-problem.

I’m big into hoods lately and I love this shape of top. I have this shape top already (it’s basically the Cloister dress), and probably did not need this pattern, but I’m still bumbling enough to want guidance and specific patterns, rather than try to adjust the patterns I have. I can raise the waist and square the shoulders and grade out the hips, but I’m not even sure I can adjust the bust or darts, much less change the outcome garment!

Linus and I went the long way round this morning to work, because the weather is beautiful.



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