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Thursday, Polka Dot

walliscropIt is supposed to storm around lunchtime and then get hot. It was lightly drizzling when I left for work, so I wore gym clothes and rode on the Lakefront. Of course, September is the most crowded month–even though it’s not the warmest, nor the coolest, nor the prettiest–and today was no exception, unfortunately. It was fine, I guess. The Lake was gorgeous.

Skipped the rain jacket (though I packed one for going to meetings and possibly running to the grocery store) and wore the Crocs for riding. It started to rain heavily as I hit the last quarter-mile. I went the slightly longer overland route around Oak Street, to avoid carrying my bike up and down the stairs at the underpass. I had to cancel and reschedule my physical therapy and my elbow is pretty uncomfortable.

At work, I changed into the Wallis polka dot dress and the Fluevog Sharons. I should have possibly brought a suit, but I am still in vacation-brain. Which means I forgot my watch and other things to fancy it up a bit. At least my legs are still tanned.



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