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Weekend, Bike Share

Sad Linus

Linus, next to a bike share station with one lone bike in it.

Spent Friday and Saturday running back and forth between my house and my old house, preparing it for the new tenant. Sometimes, I walked. Sometimes, I drove the car. At least once I used the city’s bike share (there’s a dock kittycorner to my house and one about a block from the old house). I had the locks changed, did some touch-up painting, some minor house repairing. It was warm, so mostly I wore sundresses.

I made the mistake of wearing the Crocs without socks and ended up with two open, red, popped blisters–one on each foot where the strap rubs.

Then on Sunday, I rode the city’s bike share bike over to a friend’s house to play some games. I missed the rain, but I had an emergency poncho with me, just in case. I wore the Land’s End sundress with the keyhole neck.

The bikeshare bikes are convenient for some routes, but I feel wobbly on them, especially when I have to pass between a moving car and a parked car. Often, as well, the bikeshare dock is two or three bus stops further from your destination than, well, the nearest bus stop.



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