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Simplicity6658I did some chores around the house and went to the gym (in Gap body which is wonderfully comfortable and tragically clingy). Then I updated the pattern database and considered what to make next. The Simplicity 6094 in the next size up arrived, as well as this awesome halter dress and a sheath with an open-front jacket. I also got an mail-order pattern which looks remarkably like the Burda Chill dress, but with a different neckline and less open sleeve.

I bought 14 yards of knit fabrics when Colette Patterns released the Moneta and bought the pattern, too, but I have not made it yet. I’ve traced it and contemplated it and draped the fabrics, but I have not wanted to start any of the dresses. When Colette Patterns released the Myrtle–which I did not buy–I realized why.

I hate elastic waist dresses.

No matter how cute or how otherwise flattering, I feel dumpy in a dress with an elastic waist. Gathers put me right off any garment. Even the word annoys me!

I imagine there is a structural reason for a knit dress to have one, but I have several knit dresses similar to the Moneta that do not have an elastic or gathered waist, and Ureshii makes a few that also are not gathered around the waist. Based on the dresses in my closet, I could probably substitute the gathered skirt for soft pleats, like I did with the McCardell Cloister dress. In the end, though, I prefer neither.

So I have not made the dress because I’m not sure how to work around that. Although pictures of finished dresses from the pattern don’t have particularly full skirts, I really am afraid the gathering at the waist will just bother me to the point where I never wear it. If I just cut the skirt waist the same width as the bodice waist, will that work? How would I stabilize it? Would I need to?

Speaking of knits, I have noticed that a lot of my 1967-1974 patterns are suitable for a whole bunch of wovens as well as doubleknit and jersey. I wonder if this is because the knits are not as stretchy as the jerseys you get now? Doubleknit, if I am remembering correctly, is not particularly stretchy. The new Colette Pattern, the Myrtle, is suitable for both knits and wovens but as I understand it, generally the amount of ease necessary for woven fabrics is too much for knit fabrics.

4729That said, the “printed pattern 4729” seems like it might be too small in a woven for me, and even though it’s not one of the patterns that includes jersey or doubleknit in its suggested fabrics, I wonder if it would work with one of the knit fabrics I have. Probably not. It’s intended to be loose–it has no closures and slips on over the head–the slack is taken up by the belt to define the waist.  I wonder if the two patterns–it and the Burda–could be combined to make a dress I like better than the Burda?


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