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What I wear, when I wear it, and how it works on my bike

Sunday, Crepes

I went out for dinner with some friends.

I few months ago, I had sorted my closet into: (A) put back in the closet; (B) give away; and (C) store in bins in the basement for 18 months at which point anything I have not gone looking for and put back into the closet gets donated. A couple things narrowly missed the (C) category to become (A) category with the express intent of wearing them soon.

RampageOn Sunday, I pulled out one of those articles of clothing, a black cotton skirt from Rampage which I think I bought in the early or mid-90’s. It has yellow flowers embroidered on it and a scalloped hem. It still fits rather nicely, but unlike every other article of clothing in my closet, it sits on my actual waist. It’s almost comically vintage, how high it sits on my body.

But, it still fits comfortably, and with my shirt untucked, you can’t really tell that it sits so high. So I wore it and was glad I did.

I seem to remember buying the skirt–it had a bright yellow ribbed t-shirt to match–as a birthday present to myself a long time ago.




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