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Friday, Weekend

I spent most of the day making a muslin of McCall 3608, hoping I’d have enough of the silk to make a dress.

Apparently, when I got tired of making muslins and just sewed the Simplicity 9204 from fashion fabric, I got very lucky. I love that it turned out so well (every single time I wear it, I get lots of random “What a great dress!” comments–not “wow, you look great!” nor “That dress looks great on you.” but “What a great dress!”) but it’s been frustrating not to repeat the success.

The muslin for the 3608 was fine in the shoulder and snug through the bust, becoming tight at the waist and straining through the hip. Letting out the seams was not enough.

So, following the internet’s advice, I measured the finished dimensions of the 9204 and compared them to the 3608, to determine how much larger I would need to make the 9204, only to find there is very little difference in the patterns! My measuring skills must be pretty bad.


But then I compared the backs of the envelopes–which give body measurements, but not finished garment measurements–and the 9204 is one inch SMALLER in the waist, but otherwise the measurements are the same.

I laid the pieces over each other and they align pretty well. The long dart in the McCall 3608 takes up some width in the dress, which likely accounts for the snug fit because I can’t find anything else to explain it.

Regardless of my numbers not working out, the 3608 is too small. As you can see, they are very similar. 9204 is slightly fuller in the skirt and 3608 has a band collar, and the additional side dart. My plan is to grade the lower half of the 3608, based off the 9204.

I don’t think there will be enough silk to make the dress, unfortunately. So I should go back to the idea of making a shirt. I just need a pattern that suits me.

We went to the new fancy Sicilian restaurant across the street and had two very good cocktails and some excellent cheese. Not much on the menu actually appealed to me, but we had not intended to get dinner.

I wore the H&M knit dress that my husband always calls “fancy” but which I think of as a nightgown. It’s comfortable–I’ll give it that–and, apparently, flattering.



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