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Tuesday, Lovely

The weather is lovely right now. Rode in to work in the Eddie Bauer button-down with the Misook long pencil skirt.

It was actually a busy weekend. Among other things, I worked on McCall McCall8273silk8273, hoping to salvage some beautiful silk my father brought my mother home from Vietnam in the 60’s.

As a teenager, I cut the silk into a skirt, which I never finished. The ends were fraying badly and I no longer like the style at all. I’ve tried for years to figure out the best use for the uncut piece and the reclaimed skirt panels, without much success.

It would be beautiful as a sheath dress. I don’t have a well fitted pattern for a sheath and I’m not sure I have enough. I think McCall 8273 would be lovely in the fabric, but the initial fit was off–probably the difference between modern bras and 1950’s bras. Also, the high waist thing.  I raised the waist, adjusted the dart and threw in a square-shoulder adjustment for fun, but did not have time to sew the second muslin. I was hoping to have the blouse ready for a dinner event on Saturday, but that seems unlikely, unless the second muslin fits beautifully.

Won’t know till Friday, I guess.



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