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Tuesday, Not Really Hot But

It’s not really hot. Honestly, it’s been a temperate summer, albeit humid or rainy. Still, I get hot riding, mostly because I’m away from the Lake’s cooling effect and am in traffic, with all that asphalt and exhaust. Also, it’s very cold in my office, so I’m more inclined to change to ride to and from work right now.

Of course, for riding, I foolishly wore my Smartwool skort, which is cute and comfy, but provides no coverage of any kind. The skirt flies up when I ride and the shorts crawl all the way up my legs. I may try sewing some elastic or that grippy stuff into the legs, or just try remembering that the skort is useless for coverage while riding.

For work, I wore the grey Gap perfect trousers with the red H&M split neck t-shirt. It was too short and I spent all day self-conscious about my middle. I’m so glad to be home and in my pyjamas.



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