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Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Holiday!

I ran some errands on Thursday–me and Linus riding around the neighborhood–it was warmer than I thought it was, so my layered t-shirts (Ain’t Give a Damn on top!) were more than I needed.

Friday, I wrestled all day with the Simplicity6094Simplicity 6094, which had some pulling and lack of range of motion at the sleeve. I spent all day Friday wrestling to put in a gusset, which allowed me to raise my arm over my head, but left the drag lines. So I assume I need a FBA.

Not sure how to do that given that the bust dart is formed when you join the upper bodice piece to the skirt. But I have some ideas. Most of which are probably totally wrong. I bet if I sewed the dress in a two-way stretch knit, it would be fine, though.

Saturday, we hung around the house with drinks, snacks and Settlers of Catan.



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