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Tuesday, Post-Derecho

Turned left instead of right at the first real fork in the park to avoid anticipated flooding, I was still stymied.


I ended up having to ride in traffic, which is no my morning preference, as it’s not nearly as peaceful as riding in the park. But I have found that signalling your intention to turn motivates drivers to yield their right of way to you in the morning, but not in the evening. I mean actually give up their own right to move first according to the traffic laws of intersections and let me go. I suppose no-one really wants to get to work as much as they want to get home.

Traffic was light; the air was cool, most of the humidity is spent.

I wore the TopShop midi in burgundy and added the white crochet sweater when I got to the office.

I’ve also decided to make the McCall8337McCall 8337 next, out of the striped jersey I bought for the Moneta. The pattern sleeve suggests jersey for the sleeved versions, so I guess my modern stretch fabric will work okay? I’ll likely be able to skip the zipper, though.

I don’t think I have anything in the stash that would work for the contrast bands. I’m also not sure I could get my lines straight enough, but maybe I’ll do a single band at the cuff and the hem–if I find I’ve got something that coordinates.



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