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Sunday, Stuff and Not

Simplicity 7122, from 1967.

Simplicity 7122, from 1967.

I went to start the 7122 and could not find the instructions anywhere. I’m not sure I’ll actually need them, but I’m not entirely sure I would do the sleeve properly without them. It’s a kimono sleeve, but the dress has side panels and there’s a bust dart right there. So I spent most of the day trying to figure out what on earth I had done with the instructions. Never did find them, but I found the pattern on eBay for $4, no shipping cost, so I bought it.

Tissue-fit the Simplicity 6094. The waist is–as per usual–about an inch too low, but there is no “lengthen/shorten here” line on the pattern. I guess I’ll figure something out. I’ve read a few things that say to make your cut about two inches above the waistline marking and use that as your lengthen/shorten line. I’ll try that, first, then tissue-fit again. There’s seaming details on the bodice but no waistline or waist detail. It’s just a matter of making sure the narrowest part hits at my waist, so the line of the skirt falls like it’s supposed to.

In the end, I did almost nothing at all today. Added some darts to the navy button-down. Did some chores. Got my things ready for tomorrow. Basically, I relaxed at home, alone, in jammies.



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