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Wednesday, At Home

Despite it being Bike to Work Week, I’m staying home for the rest of the week. Which is a little sad because a thunderstorm brought the temperature back down to a lovely mid-70’s.

I don’t think I’ll have much of a chance to be in the sewing room, which has me a little sad. So I bought this:

Vogue 7227 from 1967/68.

Vogue 7227 from 1967/68.

Tell me that’s not just wonderful? I plan to have the envelope matted and framed. I’ll probably start doing that with a lot of my vintage patterns.

curvyI also broke down, ordered a lot of things, and spent yesterday trying them all. All of it is going back, except possibly the pants I bought cheap on sale from Eddie Bauer. I have a complicated relationship with pants. I’m not generally comfortable in them (from a fit perspective) and I don’t generally feel good in them (from a do-these-pants-make-my-ass-look-big perspective), but I sometimes want to wear them because I’m feeling sloppy or don’t want bare legs today or whatever reason.

Aside from being six inches too long, they fit alright. The cotton was heavier weight than I was expecting, which might mean they are not as good for summer biking as I wanted, but they won’t give me plumber’s butt on the bike as the rise is higher than most pants in a modern cut.

The rest were just. . . not right. I’m still looking for a bright sheath to wear under the Tahari jacket, but the one I bought had another exposed zipper (which I forgot to check before I ordered it!) and was much too tight through the butt to be either work or life appropriate. The casual workday, good for cycling dress, was fine, but I could not get excited enough about it to keep it. The skirt was a bad length for me. The shoes too tight (but I am going to exchange them) and the bag gigantic. All in all, an impulse gone horribly awry.


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