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Friday, Still off schedule

I had a meeting. It was a casual meeting, a small meeting, but still a meeting I was required to wear clothes–not yoga pants–to. I wore my Vince Camuto black cotton pants. This was a little funny, actually, because I had two pairs of Vince Camuto black cotton pants in my Nordstrom’s online shopping bag all week until I remembered the pair hanging in my closet.

I’m fairly certain I would have been happier with the flat-front, side-zip pants which I did not buy this week than the fly-front with pockets everywhere pair that I bought a long time ago, but since I already own a pair, it’s good I did not buy another pair.

I layered a black t-shirt over a white t-shirt and went to my productive meeting.

Later, I had a date. I wore the olive green jersey and fake leather dress from Laundry. The hostess liked it.




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