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Friday, Out of Order

I rode Linus downtown for a meeting. I wore the Misook pencil skirt and an Icebreaker tank top to ride. When I got downtown, I patted myself down with a little water from my bag and blotting papers, put on my Misook jacket and went into my meeting, where I was promptly complimented for looking so composed by someone who was startled to see me taking my helmet out of my bag.

Fluevog, Mini Lily Darling

Fluevog, Mini Lily Darling

I also wore the least-loved Fluevogs–the Mini Lily Darling. I do love these shoes–comfortable, eye catching, whimsical–but I fell once while wearing them (totally not the shoes’ fault) and injured my ankle. Several people walked past without even asking if I was okay. It was an upsetting experience, although not particularly traumatic, and every time I see the scuff on the shoe from my fall, I’m pissed off all over again that no-one asked if I was okay, when they stepped around me, fallen on the sidewalk and that no-one ever offered me a seat on the bus, when I was standing there in a huge ankle brace. People are unkind and the Mini Lilly Darlings, unfortunately, remind me of that.



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