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Thursday, Wall to Wall Meetings

Rode Linus in for the first time in what feels like months, but is really just a week. It’s gorgeous out there, so it’s crowded, so I went through the park for most of the route instead of along the Lake. I was going pretty slowly because I’m in a “suit” for the endless day of meetings.

My “suit” consists of the amazing Eileen Fisher boucle dress (which I should copy in a nice fabric, since my cheap fabric version worked well. I wonder if I have enough of the red boucle that I intended for the Vogue 8932?) and a short-sleeved knit jacket from Loft a long time  ago.  These are relatively casual meetings, but meetings nonetheless.

I rode a Divvy bike back from my meeting which is convenient and saves me (and my small NPO employer) cab fare. I always feel like a complete n00b on Divvybikes which are heavy and not terribly maneuverable  because I feel slow and woobly. Still, they are convenient.


The vintage Simplicity keyhole minidress, with tights by Hue and Fluevog Malibrans, on the CTA.

Yesterday’s test drive of the Simplicity dress went really well. Although I kept thinking of the flaws, no-one else noticed that the dress was even “homemade”, much less noticed the flaws. I have frequently given people the advice that “other people are paying far less attention to the minute details of your appearance than you think”,  but it’s hard to internalize.

I should have asked someone to take my picture, but I did not think of it.


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