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Wednesday, Undecided


Sleeve facing on the 9217. Although I appear to be holding the facing flat with my fingers, it lays flat without help. I have my hand in that position to hold the armhole open.

I am supposed to go out and I can’t decide. On the upside, both the “wearable muslin” of the Vogue 9217 and the minidress version of the vintage Simplicity 9204 are finished. I’m really pleased with how the facings on the 9217 turned out–even if the zipper is amateurish. I had not intended the 9217 ever to be worn; I was just checking the fit and suitability of the pattern, which I’ve had since the early 90’s when I first learned how to sew. But I think it’s cute and there’s no reason not to wear a simple sleeveless cotton dress when the weather gets hot.

This Tilly and the Buttons tutorial was extremely helpful in helping me finally understand understitching for facings. I’m not sure precisely what clicked into place at long last, but something did. Maybe it really is just practice. Now I’m sorry I did not understitch the basically-a-hem-facing on the Simplicity 9204.

If I go out, I will probably wear the Simplicity 9204. It’s dropped back into the lower 60’s, which means it’s cool enough to wear tights which will make me less self-conscious about the length.


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