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Tuesday, Crisis!

Not really, but it felt like it at the time. The spouse has an infected wound on his leg and it’s not improving at a rate the doctors would like to see it improve. I worked from home on Tuesday, in case he had to go to the hospital which he thankfully did not.

Wrap skirt, in skull fabric.

Wrap skirt, in skull fabric.

When it came time to go babysit, I did not entirely feel like getting really dressed, just to walk two blocks to sit on a couch.  I threw on a black AmericanApparel t-shirt (by the way, half of the t-shirts I bought at AA just four months ago are already showing holes. None of them have been worn/laundered more then three times. I will no longer believe the justification for shopping at AA that the basics are solid quality). Initially, I pulled a black cotton circle skirt on over my leggings. I felt too much like I looked like I was still wearing my pyjamas; so I swapped for my skull-print wrap skirt. Which the 6-year-old thought was “very pretty”.



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