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Monday, Wind and Ennui

I was stiff from being middle-aged and then crawling around in the crawlspace, hauling heavy things. And the winds were strong today. And the humidity was thick. So I left Linus at home.

I regret it, but the decision was sound.

Fluevog Bellevue Laura Evans shoes

Fluevog Bellevue Laura Evans shoes

I’m wearing a really lovely bias cut dark blue linen dress with the white cotton sweater with crochet details. I’m also wearing my newest Fluevogs, the Linda Evans.

I think I have worn this dress to more than one funeral. It’s really more a Ladies who Lunch, or church-dress, than a work dress. It’s sleeveless and the V-neck is mirrored front and back and is a fraction lower than entirely work-safe. As long as I’m not letting people stand above me while I’m seated, I’m okay, though.


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