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Wednesday, No Pants

I worked from home today, so I stayed in yoga pants and a t-shirt, except for a quick trip across the street for milk and eggs.

Simplicity 9204 hem

Back of the Simplicity 9204. The edge of the skirt is folded up to show the red cotton on the hem.

Instead of a lunch break, I took a hemming break and did a little work on the Simplicity 9204 which is nearly done. I did not make a muslin, choosing to pin fit and plunge on ahead. As a result, I cut the wrong length and this dress is a true vintage mini.

That’s too short for me.

So I sewed a couple inches of red cotton to the bottom and turned it in on itself to make the hem as narrow as possible and keep as much length as I can.

Maybe it will still be too short to wear without tights. We’ll see. All that’s left is the sleeves!


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