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Tuesday, Humid

So very humid. It may be time to start showering at the office–which is a pain because I have to carry a change of clothes and a towel and can, therefore, never travel light. The thing about the warmer months is supposed to be traveling light because I don’t have to carry lights, reflective clothes, extra layers.

OrtliebSpeaking of carrying, I want to confess that I hate my Ortlieb pannier. I think it’s an older version of the Back-Roller City rear pannier. At least that’s the one it most looks like, but it does not have those straps across the front–it has a single strap down the middle. It’s both awkward and uncomfortable to carry off the bike. I usually think that’s the biggest problem with it, until I try to fill it.

It’s also narrow at the bottom and wider at the top which makes it awkward to pack. And it’s always tipping over, when it’s off the bike, sitting on my office floor.Because of the shape, it’s particularly difficult to pack bulky or heavy things on the bottom, which upsets the balance or crushes things in load. I can’t easily get a pair of heels into it without smooshing other things; that’s not an issue with the Basil. However, the Ortlieb very waterproof, which is why I use it.

Basically, I really dislike this bag, but it was expensive and it’s the only truly waterproof bike bag I have. The new versions look to have handles–a vast improvement–but they retain the tiny-bottom shape. It’s not worth the money to me to try another one.

I wore a pair of black pants from either Ann Taylor or the Gap–I did not check the label and frankly don’t remember–with an olive green long-sleeved t-shirt from H&M with a slit neckline. Well, I wore a tank top to ride in, but I changed at the office.



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