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Tuesday, Damp Sand and Cut Grass

There were headwinds and humidity on the ride in. Everything smelled like damp sand and freshly-mown grass, which was lovely. It was crowded and I think it’s time to avoid the lakefront all together.

Ibex Sweet Pleat t-shirt

Ibex Sweet Pleat t-shirt

I woke up early, but could not decide what to wear. In the end, I grabbed the NYDJ black pants (which are really too heavy for spring), the Ibex Sweet Pleat t-shirt and my Merrell Evera shoes. I probably should look into summer weight pants, especially since the ride home was really warm. I rode fast and had to shower when I got home.

I remain on the fence about the Evera in terms of comfort, however cute they are, but they’re mine now!

Vintage patterns from the 1960's and 1970s.

Vintage patterns from the 1960’s and 1970s.

My next round of patterns has arrived. The relative success of the 4740 is heartening, so I’m looking forward to these. I’m also considering re-making the Vogue 8379 from the navy jersey I have (since I discovered I already own a navy blue merino dress which is much like the pattern I had in mind for the navy jersey!).



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