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Tuesday, Missing Thunderstorms

There was a threat of thunderstorms, but it was just spitting rain and humid when I left for work. I wore the Kuhl sundress and kept my work clothes in my pannier so they’d be dry. “Work clothes” consisted of the John Smedley Kamilia dress in navy merino and bright pink tights. We had an in-service for strategic planning. It was sticky and warm going to work in the sundress with my rainshell, but much cooler riding home.

As I mentioned to My Guy when I got home, it’s hard to believe it’s mid-May and I’ve only had to ride home in traffic twice because the lakefront was too crowded with people enjoying the beach. I’m not complaining although I miss the cooler weather.

McCall3875frontAs I was changing back into the sundress to ride home in the spitting rain, I realized that the Smedley dress is much like the vintage McCall 3875, although short sleeved and without any shaping through the waist. The Smedley is basically a t-shirt shift, with the same shoulder shirring.  I had, of course, planned to make the 3875 with the navy jersey I just bought, but that would be silly.

Patterns absolutely emerge in what appeals to me, what I buy, what I wear, and what I like when I wear it. I should be more mindful of that. I know there are things I buy repeatedly that I’m not happy with when I wear.



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