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Friday, Fries

SteveMaddenLacefrontWe met up with some friends at the new poutine shop in the neighborhood.  It’s good enough, but I almost always prefer homemade. Also, as with pizza, I prefer fewer, rather than more, toppings.

I wore the cashmere sweatshirt–which is comfortable, even if I don’t look casually sophisticated in it.

I guess I own three pairs of Steve Madden boots. I have no strong opinion about them–two of the three pairs still look attractive to me, one looks sort of maybe borderline tacky. This pair squeaks when I walk. I think it’s funny.

In other news, I made the adjustments to the Simplicity 5508–taking in the upper part and letting out the lower part. The back lies smoother now and the skirt flares more. I think I’d be perfectly happy with it as a summer dress in the plum linen (which I’d have to line, even if the pattern is unlined), but I’m hesitant to go ahead a make it. The fit is loose enough that, with the adjusted neckline, it pulls on and off without a closure, so I would not have to fuss with a zipper.


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