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Tuesday, Acquisitions

I bought a pair of Crocs for biking in the wet. I don’t know how I feel about this, exactly, but I don’t like carrying shoes with me. As per usual, FedEx has delivered them *somewhere* but not my office and they’ll either show up or not. I really hate FedEx and I especially hate not being warned by online merchants that they will be shipping FedEx.

It was wet again today, so I wore the Timberland shoes again, which were still slightly damp. I’m wearing the Outlier pants (it’s not raining and probably won’t be during commute time, but there’s heavy fog) and an Ibex t-shirt. It’s pretty casual, but there’s nothing today but the commute and sitting in the office. I do have my Cyrus knit leather cardigan, which classes things up a bit.

I have an assortment of vintage patterns–all a variation on the theme–coming my way from Etsy because I can’t stop thinking about the Simplicity 5508, which fits so beautifully in front and so baggy in the back. I’ll have to look at my books to see if I can figure out why and what to do about it. Also, it’s not as much of an A-line as I’d like. I have a couple A-line dresses in the closet, so I may alter the pattern based on them, as well.

I am baffled by the fit, though–how it can be so smooth in the front and so loose in the back, which is not a problem I’ve encountered with modern patterns. Of course, there is a world of difference in 1960’s clothes and 2000’s clothes. And undergarments have changed significantly since the 60’s, on top of who tastes have changed in terms of fit, ease and fabrics (although this pattern is for a woven, which I don’t think are much different), but to my completely untutored mind, it seems that these would not account for the particular fit difficulty. Still,  it was quick and easy, so I’m looking forward to solving the problem.

I hope the new patterns work–or some combination of them works. They’re pretty simple shapes and definitely right up my alley.

Anne Adams 4821First up: Anne Adams Pattern No. 4821. A dress with band finishing on a rounded neckline, set in sleeves ending below the elbow, and back zipper close. Front inverted pleats and buttoned welts provide design interest.  Anne Adams was a mail-order pattern company. I picked this patterns because of the princess-seaming, the front pleats and the tabs at the waist. Also, the bust measurement is between my high bust and full bust, which makes me hopeful that it will fit nicely. The sleeve does not recommend fabrics, but I bet a ponte knit would work, as would a heavier woven.

Marian Martin 9210Second, is this Marian Martin 9210, also a mail-order pattern company. Almost the same: a shorter sleeve option, no collar and the pleats are at the side, not the front. It’s slightly smaller than the Anne Adams (high bust measurement) and also offers no fabric recommendations. The neckline is a different shape, even accounting for the collar on the Anne Adams. It has shoulder pleats at the back, like the Simplicity 5508 and the Anne Adams. I don’t think I’ve seen these pleats on a modern pattern. Interesting to note: the Marian Martin has a smaller bust measurement, but a larger size number.

Butterick4740I also picked up Butterick 4740 which is circa1968. It also has princess seaming with pockets in side front seams. It’s an A-line and has a scarf loop at neck! I love this idea–from the illustration it looks like exactly how it’s described: a loop at the center front neck, through which you feed your scarf for a jaunty bit of flair. It has pockets in the seams, which I don’t think the mail-order versions have. This little short sleeve is the only option offered.

The Butterick pattern sleeve suggests “synthetic mixtures” for fabrics, as well as linens and brocades. A brocade would be awesome!

McCall8337Finally, I picked McCall’s 8337, which is a sheath, the odd man out, and a lot like something I’ve already got in the stash. It’s got optional contrast bands at hem and sleeves and a 3/4 bell sleeve option. I like the look of those sleeves a lot. The sleeve suggests the same “synthetic mixtures”, as well as linen, pique, silks, cottons, shantung, something called “surah” and jersey only for the  version with sleeves.

One thing about vintage patterns is that it’s hard to find reviews or pictures of finished projects. The McCall’s is the only one I found, but it’s not detailed.


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