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Saturday, It Makes No Sense


Vogue 8808, pattern sleeve drawing, maxi-length. I would not make it this long.

I sewed the Vogue 8808 muslin, which took a few hours. It fits almost perfectly. There’s slight excess fabric at the very bottom of the armhole, but my research suggests I can just take it in at the seam. The princess seams were easier to sew than anticipated (thanks to a couple tutorials on the web).

It’s both great that it fit so well and annoying. Great because it’s getting to be a drag, sewing all weekend and having nothing to show for it; annoying because I don’t have a fabric for this dress and I have more fabric than fits in my cabinet already.

This is a pretty basic dress. It will be fine for work–depending on the fabric–under a cardigan or a jacket. It should work as a knit, too, (the pattern sleeve suggests crepe, silk, silk dupioni, crepe-backed satin–but I in high school, I had this dress with a different collar in a cotton jersey. I loved it and then wore it to pieces), which would eliminate the zipper. I don’t trust my zipper skills. Actually, I don’t really have zipper skills.

The dress is cut in far from the shoulder, which means I don’t have a bra that will fit under it and which also means adding a sleeve is very much beyond me. You would think I’d know better than to even consider it, after the issues with the Vogue 8764.

I ran an errand, and had folks over, so I wore the Etsy wool jumper dress (which has begun to pil rather significantly) over a long-sleeve t-shirt.

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