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Friday, Giving Up

I have abandoned the Vogue 8764 because I can’t get it to fit through the armscye. The only way I can comfortably wear this dress is if I never raise my elbows above the bust dart. I read this excellent article about fitting armholes and this one about sleeves and range of motion. I tried a smaller armhole and a larger armhole. I tried four different sizes of bodice. Nothing helped. I measured the muslin against a dress I have that is well fitting and a decent range of motion, albeit less than that of a t-shirt. Although everything says to raise the armhole for a better range of motion, the armhole on my sample dress was lower.

When I got to the point of thinking about adding a gusset, I said “screw it”. The pattern is not that brilliant and I’ve spent too much time making and remaking this muslin without learning anything useful.

Simplicity Jiffy 5508I’m moving on to the Vogue 8808, which I cut out some time ago, but is sleeveless.

I’m not sure what to do with the linen I bought for the 8764. Maybe I’ll sew the vintage Simplicity shift (also sleeveless, incidentally). Looks like most of the patterns I have which are good for linen are sleeveless, except the Vogue 8945, which did not lie right when I made the muslin and the old Vogue 9217. Of course, I made both before I realized that I need an FBA, so each remains a good candidate, but will require wrestling with some things I don’t have mastered yet.

McCall3875frontThis week, my order of knits arrived, as well as my Moneta pattern. I have a lot of suitable for knit patterns: the one I made from my Nau dress, the one I made from my Eileen Fisher dress, the DKNY 2091, the vintage McCall, the wrap dress, Vogue 8685 (which needs a fitting). Some of these even have sleeves! But knits are much more forgiving with fit issues.



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