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Wednesday, Whiskey

My sister and I went to a Bourbon tasting event (which was really more of a *spirits* tasting event–the very best new thing I tasted was an Old Tom gin that, unfortunately, is not sold in stores). I was pretty casual, in my black NYDJ pants with a black Nau merino long-sleeve t-shirt.

merrell-evera-draftI wore my new Merrell Evera draft pumps, even though we took the bus. I also wore them earlier when I picked Linus up from the shop. (Hooray! new chain!) I really do like how they feel on the pedals, but they are a little stiff for walking. This is not ideal because, most days, I only bike to a specific neighborhood, then do a lot of walking once I’m there.  They’re cute, though. Alas, they are no longer listed at Merrell–none of the Evera line is–so I wonder if they were not a success. That’s a shame.

In other news, I found this blog post about sewing a reflective dress (for biking) and I look forward to trying something similar, once I am “allowed” to buy fabric again. I have some sew-on reflective tape that I intended for a  shrug, but I did not like how the shrug pattern worked out. So many ideas, so little time!



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