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Thursday, Partly Cloudy

Finally wore the Shroud of Purrin raincoat on the bike. It was fine, since it zips both up and down. It did not rain, however, but it might this afternoon. I still don’t have good rainshoes, though.

HalogenCashmereSweatshirtI’m dressed what is supposed to be “casual”, “comfortable” and “easy” but feels awkward because: these pants are hemmed too short (I still don’t know how that happened) and the collar of this incredibly comfortable (but too sheer to wear alone) sweater does not play nicely with other collars. I guess I’m comfy, and definitely casual, but I don’t feel like any of it is easy. Love my Bezzie loafers, even if the green color is also awkward. My first pair of Doc Marten boots were this color (it was called “greasy green” on the box. They were narrow toed, ten eyes, with no topstitching. None. You used to be able to buy them without topstitching.). Eventually, the leather on the toe split wide open. Took 20 years, I think.

Changed (my undershirt got sweaty riding home–although I had taken off the sweater, I had 7 pounds of rice in my saddle bag and did not feel like adding my raincoat to the mix. Sadly, it did not rain on the ride home) to go out for dinner & pub quiz with friends. I wore an H&M t-shirt dress with some funky tights and the wedge boots. In case it does rain after all.



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