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Monday, Tailwinds

I think today was the first time I rode Linus to work in the pouring rain. Weather widget said it was supposed to drizzle a little midmorning and it’s supposed to flurry a little around sundown;  instead, it poured right during the part of the morning I was halfway to work. Tailwinds, though, so I was moving quickly. Still, someone on a racing bike flew past, said “good morning, at least there’s a tailwind, huh?”

It was not crowded out there, in any event. I should have worn my wool riding cap under my helmet, but I was not too cold in my Icebreaker riding knickers and tights, although my tights are still damp. Next time, I’ll bring a spare. I’ve changed into the bright blue pencil skirt from Banana Republic because I have a meeting later.

The Nau Versa blazer kept my sweater perfectly dry, but now the blazer is dripping onto a towel on the floor in my office.

I hope the wind shifts for the ride home!

Scott Olson/Getty Images, waves and rain on Lake Michigan

Scott Olson/Getty Images, waves and rain on Lake Michigan


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