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Thursday, Long Long Day

divvyI rode Divvy bikeshare to a morning meeting. The bikes are convenient but very heavy and slow and I don’t feel safe around cars on one. I feel like I have a giant KICK ME sign on my back and am not agile enough to get away. I’m sold on the concept, but not yet an enthusiastic user. The route between my house and the meeting was nearly all through the park, however, so Divvy was a good choice.

I wore the Misook pencil skirt with the Ureshii Tudor top. Wore my St John big button jacket and the Fluevog Sharons.

Spent the entire day hopping from one meeting to the next and then finally went home. I was expecting rain, so I rolled the nice jacket up and put it in my bag, wearing my Nau Versa blazer for the trip home.



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