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Monday, Again I am Promised Rain

Was slightly chilly on the ride in. It’s supposed to rain this afternoon, so I did not wear a street coat, but my cycling fleece, with my softshell in my bag. I was glad I added the legwarmers on the way out because I’ve stopped layering my tights. I have my wool knickers for the ride home, to spare my skirt if it rains, but I think I’ll wear them regardless.

Basic black pumps with a button.

Basic black pumps with a button.

I’m wearing the Kenneth Cole burgundy wool a-line skirt and the Halogen black wool crewneck, textured tights and the non-Fluevog pumps. I don’t have good rain shoes. I have some nice rain boots and I have some chucks, but neither are good for cycling. The chucks are too slippery and the rainboots are awkward. So I wore my very comfy Earth Origins pumps because I’d be sorry to lose them, but they are not as expensive as any of my ‘vogs.


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