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Friday, Unexpected Business

I went out to a conference, although I had not planned to. I wore the blue tweed moto jacket over the black wool Guess dress. The moto jacket has an odd collar and I have no shirts that fit under it well, which is why I did not wear the matching skirt.

Because the tweed is navy, black and white, I originally wore my I-really-should-own-several-of-this Misook black sheath dress, but the collar does not work with the jacket at all. The Guess wool dress, however, has wide-spaced spaghetti straps and a low bodice. I usually wear it over a t-shirt or under my grey cardigan, but it went nicely under the jacket. The fullness of the skirt was not the best choice, but I’m sure a fashion editor somewhere would have thought the fullness was a nice feminine touch against the moto jacket. I’m not likely to pair the two ever again, but I’ll need a shirt before I wear it again.

Tile flooring in the lobby.

Tile flooring in the lobby.

The conference was held in a beautiful building downtown that used to be a hotel and is not any longer. Although the conference was quite interesting, the beauty of the building was distracting and I wanted to be taking pictures of it.

I wore the Liz Claiborne Marley boots, which I need to have re-heeled, and the H&M wool coat.

The woman at the coffee shop complimented my manicure–Sally Hansen in “Flirt“.

Took lots of notes, it was a very interesting conference.



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