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Friday & Saturday, Stitching

front8764I re-muslined the 8764 with a different sized bodice which made the bust dart look odd and failed to resolve the sleeve issue in the slightest. Even sized up, I can barely get the sleeve over my arm and cannot move my arm at all. Having my arm in the sleeve pulls the bodice away from my collarbone, but everything lays just fine when the muslin is sleeveless. So I’m setting it aside for the moment.

I’ve read some reviews of the pattern, but only one person complains about the sleeve. I’ll need to redraft the whole armscye and the sleeve and try again. Which has me wondering if I should size back down with the bodice because the bust dart poofs a bit on the larger size. Fortunately, I still have both muslin garments. I’m going to go back to the smaller size bodice and try fiddling the armscye and the sleeve.

It’s been frustrating. Every time I think I’ve learned something, there’s something else wrong. Sometimes, it’s me–I need to adjust something because of how I’m shaped–but sometimes, it’s the pattern. I’m trying to be relaxed about it. The point is to make something I will wear and rushing through just to have something in the final fabric won’t help that.

Meanwhile, I also cut out a muslin for Vogue 8808. Reviews all say it runs large, but I still think I may need to adjust the bust line. It’s worked for a number of people in a stretch fabric without a zipper (which does not surprise me and sounds good to me), so I may try that. Unfortunately, I’m out of stretchy muslin fabric and only have woven.

The slip sewalong starts soon, but one thing at a time is probably best, but I have so many patterns and fabrics that is hard to go slow.

I did go out for a short while on Saturday–I ran errands, had lunch with my Guy and then drinks with my sister & her family. I wore the Icebreaker pants with my cashmere sweatshirt that I wore on Thursday. It was comfy.


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