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Monday, Cold Again

It’s cold again–really cold, below 30 cold. I don’t mind–it means it’s not crowded to ride my bike to work–but I could not find my balaclava.

I’m in the Ibex heavy wool skirt, with an H&M grey layering turtleneck and a black wool crewneck.

I spent some time in the past couple of days shopping–there’s a work event tomorrow and I feel like I have nothing to wear. It was a terrible experience. I tried on things in every size–and things in every size did not fit or they did. Nothing I liked was in a size that fit. Also, I could not really remember what I had in my closet that needed something to go with it.

It’s been a year since I started this, hoping to have an idea of what I should just get rid of at long last and what I really needed to buy to fill in some gaps, and I have not managed that. Oh well.


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