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Friday, Out

It’s a free day for me on Fridays–so I sewed up the 8764 with the larger cup size bodice. The bust markings line up, but I’m a little worried the dress is, overall, too snug. I’m going to try re-sewing with less seam allowance before doing a muslin of the next size up, even though this muslin is made grading two sizes from the bodice to the skirt. Also, I’m worried about the sleeve, which won’t be solved by moving the sewing line. But if I cut a larger sleeve, can I fit it to the smaller armscye? I will definitely have to mock-up the sleeve!

Then I went to the theatre with some friends. I wore the TopShop midi in black, with an H&M turtleneck over and my Ralph Laure batwing cape. Wore my Fluevog Sharons and had a wonderful time.


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