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Thursday, Spring

The first day of spring started with beautiful, fat, snowglobe snow and temperatures in the low 30s. I rode Linus to work–the roads are now clear of leftover ice, so this snow was behaving like rain on the pavement–and I did not have to dismount anywhere on the Lakefront.

I wore the TopShop midi in burgundy with the black crewneck wool sweater. To ride in, I layered a cardigan and short-sleeved wool t-shirt under my light jacket and my wool knickers. I probably would have been fine with one less shirt, but I was not too warm. I out the extra layers in my pannier for the sunny ride home. I was surprised how relatively uncrowded the Lakefront was on the way home, but happy for it.

I think all days should be like this: grey and cold (maybe a little pretty snow!) in the morning and then bright and clear in the light-jacket-and-tights temperature zone in the afternoon.



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