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Wednesday, Rainy Meetings

ModernTweedJacketI left the house for a meeting–Wednesday is a work from home day, typically. It was reasonably casual, so I wore my Outlier Daily Riding pant (though I did not ride), a Nau black merino t-shirt (from the old days) and the new Loft jacket, which is turning into a good purchase.

It was raining, so I wore my Hunter boots which have bloomed. It’s natural and I don’t mind it, generally, but it looks off with the design of these boots and with the notion of wearing them to work. Of course, the Outlier pants have to be tucked into the boots–the calves are too snug to fit over the boot–which takes it out of “work appropriate” but with the rain and the still-melting mounds of snow, the rain boots were just “life appropriate”. Need to buy some polisher for them.


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