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Monday, I Need a Do-Over

I swear, every time I attempt chain maintenance, everything immediately looks not simply worse, but like a 100 year old lawnmower that’s been sitting in a field, untouched, for the last 80 of those years. Poor Linus.

I was also under-dressed for the ride in. Fortunately, I wore a real coat and grabbed the cashmere wrap on the way out the door. I was still freezing the whole way in. I had to dismount to get around ripped up terrain and thick, choppy ice, at least twice and had to abandon my attempt to walk around the iced-over curve. The two cyclists in front of me were picking their way carefully through, but I felt I should not risk it in my heels.

Sun’s out–though–and everything looks pretty, if slightly desolate.

Diversey Harbor is still quite icy.

Diversey Harbor is still quite icy.

I’m in the NYDJ grey pants, with the new bright red wool sweater.



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