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Monday, Back to Work

Basil Mirte Shopper

Basil Mirte Shopper

It’s suddenly sunny and in the 40’s (although Wednesday is supposed to be about half of that and snowing again!) and we’re home. I rode Linus (which looks winter-beaten but finally has enough air in the tires) and shoes, instead of boots. Because we’d spent the week skiing in 40 degree temps, I was not over-dressed for my first warm ride in.

Unfortunately, there were deep long puddles everywhere and my shoes got splashed.

I’m wearing a weekend outfit because I just got back from vacation and they made us set the clocks forward: the Ibex FT sleeveless dress with the pleated neck, over a cotton t-shirt and marled tights. It’s chilly in the office, so I am wearing my thumb-loop shrug from Ureshii.



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