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Thursday, Frigid

The snow is largely gone, but it’s desperately cold out there. However, the sun is shining and I’ve lost my bus pass, and I’m tired of not riding, so I took Linus to work today. I swear that I should never ever ever attempt chain maintenance because no matter how many tutorials I follow to the letter, my chain looks like a rusty horror movie weapon when I’m done. Guess Linus will need an annual maintenance soon.


Even so, the ride was clear, smooth and deserted. So very nice.

wristwarmerI’m wearing the NYDJ in grey (0ver tights, of course!) with the black cashmere crewneck, layered over a white t-shirt. My feet are still a little cold, so I’ve left on my boots today and added my home-made wristwarmers. Also, put on a nice coat of Scofflaw’s limited edition Love Letter from Scofflaw.

Getting ready for a small vacation. Really happy about it.



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